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A conjunction between a traditional craft and modern bike saddles. 



As the ease, flexibility of plywood, as well as the various possible applications fascinated me, I decided to transfer it to the bicycle saddle. In my further design process I tried to build a stable and clean concept. In my opinion, I managed this with my current prototype. My model does not exist of large technical parameters as it is kept very simple. I implemented a damper out of ebonite between the seating surface and the resilient element, which emphasize the bouncy effect. The bicycle seat consists of three major parts: the seat post, which connects the plywood to the frame, the resilient wood element and the seating area. To add even more aesthetic value, I pressed a dark veneer in the upper surface and engraved a logo.
My prototype represents a modification of modern bicycle saddles, produced on a traditional way with wood as a natural material. I consider my target group primarily as Fixie/Singlespeed- or BMX-Biker.

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