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Viga. Inlays in Porcelain.
The “viga.”- series is a modern interpretation of products with veneer inlays in porcelain.
Porcelain is one of the hardest materials we know and it’s cold and smooth surface offers an interesting contrast to the warm textured veneer. So “viga.” is a high-contrast eye- catcher with haptic features which will definitely be the topics of conversation.
The “viga.” table is consisting of a massive porcelain tabletop with veneer inlays, a wooden board and the wooden legs. The wood of the veneer and the rest of the table are of the same kind, which aligns the whole product. At the end of the legs are white feet caps which pick up the contrast of the tabletop and protect the ground from being scratched. The boxes of “viga.” pick up this white and wood contrast with the porcelain tops and the wooden corpus in an refreshing and astonishing new way. They can be used for the storage of things and are – just like the table – individual able. The veneer inlays are laser cutted and glued into cavities. This way of machining allows an easy and fast way of individualization which is of high interest for the customers of today. They can choose the wood and the pattern which fits best to them. Even names and writings are thinkable, just as they want it.
Every part of the “viga.” – series is handmade and produced in Franconia in Germany.


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