split chair

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Plywood and tubular steel 

The „split chair“ is based on the basic intent of creating an easy connection between backrest and seating surface that is all time reversible and sufficiently stable.

The aim was to achieve this with as few individual parts as possible but nevertheless to leave enough room for individualization possibilities of the furniture. The lightness of the draft should have been highlighted by the maximum reduction in the number of veneer layers.

The chair consists of two at least 15-layered plywood parts that are glued together after molding. The backrest is made of powder-coated steel tube. The steel tube is slotted four times and it must be compressed to be mounted. It has to be guided through the holes in the upper and lower seat shell. The pipe spreads in the correct position and the slits hook itself into the wooden element. Four clamping elements fill the holes in the seat after the steel tube was placed. The backrest can be braced with bands or cords which are guided through holes or are wound around the pipe.

The design offers plenty of variations in principle; by two backrests of different heights it is conceivable as a chair or stool.

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