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Making Culture – The lying lamp gretA 

My light series should bring braiding back to life in the figurative sense. I am fascinated by the emerging patterns. Based on size, type and color choice these pattern develop its own charm. The modern technique of laser cutting can bring this traditional handcraft to new dimensions.


The lying lamp gretA stands for pure living culture and craftsmanship in a comfortable home. It brings regional handcraft to you.

gretA is offered in several individual models. The basic construction is a printed 3D-element that connects the shade and the corpus. The shade is made of veneer while the corpus is braided. The lamp carrier made of ceramics fits seamless into the corpus and is powered by a suitable colored textile cable.

For the shade you can choose between three veneer combinations. European walnut and sycamore cluster; european walnut and a tropical one; birch and sycamore cluster. For the corpus woolen felt, knitting yarn or paper band is used.

With its warm glow gretA brings a lovely feeling to your home and can be individualized based on your choice of veneer and corpus material.



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