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The collection bæggla arose from a graphic abstraction of different cultures, especially in terms of craft. Graphics and patterns from various corners of the earth, amongst others Franconia, are laser-cut into wood veneer. By filling this with silicone, a new and flexible material is created. It is applied to four bags and a poster for complementing and perfectly representing the patterns and material. All designs can be combined with six available patterns, each in five dif-ferent colours. The pencil cases in two different sizes are made for daily use at school, university or work. Depending on the individual necessity there is enough space for writing tools which are protected by the case. Simultaneously, bæggla is a real eye-catcher. For our digital tools‘ protection bæggla also comes as a sleeve for tablet computers or laptops up to thirteen inch.

Bæggla is a bit of Franconia and a bit of the world. Combined within a bag.

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